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New Autobiographical book

Posted on: July 3, 2010

   Who Said Coo?

           Written by Deborah Ruddell
           Illustrated by Robin Luebs
           Published by Beach Lane Books, 2010
           This is a wonderfully illustrated picture book for
           kids about a very humours and yet enchanting topic.
           This book is written and illustrated by twin sisters.
           Their childhood together had much to do with the
           creation of this book.
           Deborah placed Lulu in the role of big sister because
           Robin and she were the oldest in a family of five, and
           like Lulu, even when they were at the end of their rope,
           they never wanted to hurt their little brother’s and
           sisters’ feelings. If they did, they felt terrible.
           So, this book has an autobiographical tone to it.
           Pigeon and owl are way too cute in this book. Since
           they are so adorable, they get away with a lot of things!
           But that is the same way with kids and that was the
           experience that Robin had in her family of origin. 
           Nighttime was always an interesting time in their
           house with their siblings. Nighttime has come to Lulu’s
           cottage and Lulu is all tucked in for bed. However,
           somebody somewhere isn’t ready for bed.  Now
           whoooooooo could that be?
           The book is written in a wonderfully created rhyme
           that will capture the attention of young readers
           and the parents and grandparents alike. It is so
           wonderfully illustrated as well with relaxing tones of
           blue, green and orange.
           Reviewed by Irene Roth


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