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Picture Book Review

Posted on: September 20, 2010

           The Bug That Plagued the Entire Third Grade
           Written by Lori Calabrese
           Illustrated by Chet Taylor
           Dragonfly Publishing, 2010
           Ages 3-8
           ISBN: 978-1936381050
           Lori Calabrese’s book is a wonderful and enchanting
           story about a little boy, Matt, who wants to win the
           upcoming Bug-A-Fair so that he could become the
           student of the year.  However, things don’t go
           according to plan for Matt as he gets a cold.
           The plot has a several hilarious twists and turns. The
           reader will be mesmerized and kept at the edge of his
           seat by the colourful illustrations and the message on
           each page. I recently read the book to a grade three
           class and they were absolutely tickled by the story.
           They wanted to make sure that they would stay bug-
           free in every sense of the term.
           I would recommend the book to boys and girls alike.
           Although girls and boys will find different aspects of
           the story funny, they both seem to really find the book
           very engaging and mesmerizing. Kudos also goes out
           to Chet Taylor for doing such a great job of illustrating
           this story.
           Reviewed by Irene S. Roth


1 Response to "Picture Book Review"

Thanks for the wonderful review, Irene and double thanks for sharing it with a grade three class. I’m so glad they were tickled by the story. That’s always the greatest to hear!

All the best,

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